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Tej Logistic Freight Express Private Limited

Tej Logistic Freight Express Pvt. Ltd. (TLFE) India leading logistics service Provider Company, it is one of the promising start-ups initiated in the year of 2019. The objective of the firm is to offers Fast, Safe and Consistent timely delivery for Customer. TLFE adopted Innovative Logistic Technologies that ensure Secure, Safe and Excellent Service through highly skilled professionals. Company committed to ensure the transparent and fair business concept or win-win-win-win in all aspects of customers, business partners, employees or society at large all parties for benefit and grow together sustainably. Our business is the most customer centric services and we deal in the various types of products such as medical equipments, medicine, electronics devices, fishes, live stocks, heavy machinery, food and beverage, agricultural and automotive etc. TLFE has developed excellence comprehensive network coverage, monitoring and management facility and multimodal transport to ensure effectiveness and cost wise competitive advantage for customers, with service extension to overseas destinations. We have come up with import/export one-stop service to accommodate customers in import-export business and enhance their logistics leadership in the world and to strengthen our operational capacity. We constantly introduce new innovations to improve the transport and logistics nationwide with same day delivery of general products.

TLFE adopted the most cutting-edge technology with aim to win customers confidence through our service quality by proactive Quality Assurance system. We ensure that our staff are knowledgeable and have expertise in the area of logistics and supply chain network as the means of service quality development adhere to working ethics in order to achieve good governance and transparency while the working atmosphere is conducive to creativity. We understand that our business partners are prepared to expand their service provision overseas together. TLFE is concerned about the environment by adopting the green logistics concept which focuses on reduced carbon dioxide emission through a well-planned transportation system we train our drivers to take into consideration the Community Safety through the development of road driving skills and safety consciousness which gave rise to the skills development school at the same time we create a quality society for our drivers whereas professionals they can live in good surroundings and society as well as take pride in their occupation. TLFE won many prestigious awards from domestic and foreign organizations for providing them excellence service. Our commitment is recognized by our customers, it is well known that we will always develop our services for the sake of logistic industry development at the national level as well as customer success so that we can sustainably progress and prosper together with TLFE.




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With our collective efforts and sheer dedication we have been able to build our networks worldwide today our vast network spread across length and breadth of the globe, thousands of shipments are moving within our network any point of time to ensure smooth transition, delivery and pick-ups within our networks.

With our great track record, we have been granted Import-Export license by Kenya custom authority. TEJLOGISTIC has a great track record of catering to industry leaders in different domains and has facilitated import/export of machinery, project equipment and cargo for leading business houses.


To emerge as the leading Logistic and Supply chain company that offers Fast, Safe and Consistent timely delivery for Customer.


To adopt Innovative Logistic Technologies that ensure Secure, Safe and Excellent Service through highly skilled professionals

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